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Originally Posted by truegroup View Post
Not strictly accurate. Her acting is entirely bit part roles and most of them in feature films and not BBC.
Err no. The lady on the left is the bloody Newnight presenter Emily Maitlis
She is a pastor and a bit part actress. She wrote a book about God in 2016...

From 2016 a video testimony from an American Bishop...

I make no claim to support her level of commitment to god, as religion is shite and her spinoff website looked decidedly dodgy. But her established history suggests that she is some kind of religious figure. I also make no claim to support her wearing "vicar regalia".:
Good work tg . Most of the errors were in the original article , I should have checked them out before repeating them ...

Apologies to the news-night presenter ... lol ... not very flattering to be mistaken for lynn !

As for her being a pastor ... she proclaimed herself one , apparently anyone can...

She set up her own ministry and is keen to get your donations ....

She could be just a fruitcake , but the name of her ministry "Seeds for Wealth" suggests she could be primarily after your money.

As for why the BBC would support May's Brexit plan ... well , May is the current mouthpiece of the NWO in the UK ... If she is proposing a plan we can assume the controllers want that , for whatever convoluted reason ... and so it follows the BBC would also subtly push this too.

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