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Originally Posted by noncooperation View Post
People like YOU are also part of the problem - WAKE THE FUCK UP TO THE REALITY AROUND YOU!

From many comments posted here, most of you are so naive, you have no clue what is going on. Sad.

There is a VERY big problem, as all here can realise, there is too many people in positions of influence to control any complaints from the kids. So what can be done?
I agree, utterly- I think there's a process that precedes even being able to comprehend this sick shit though, to be fair.

It's one thing to have a vague awareness, quite another to be hit about the face with it- it repels you on the most baseline level- having gone through an 'awakening', and feeling like I'd lost all grip on reality as it was, it's still really hard to digest this information- for the love of 'baby jesus', doesn't that make us human as opposed to psychopaths??!!

I do agree, that metaphorically singing 'la la laaa... nothing to see here' isn't helping, but cut people some slack.

I don't think any of us here are naive, otherwise we'd never have clicked on this thread- we are all aware of the depravity of the situation at hand.

I can't watch horror films for the same reason, not that I'm not aware of sadistic murderers, I just cannot bear to be witness to re-enactments of it.

You're absolutely right, we need to collectively man up and start taking accountability- the problem is, as I illustrated myself- from a relatively enlightened viewpoint- people cannot bear to know. It breaches the threshold of what people can mentally accommodate.

No point arguing the toss over it, that's the situation- so what next???

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