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knotts flats in tynemouth was built to be the backup center of operations for WW2 if london was taken over, funnily germany, through spies new of the building and originally planned to invade the north and use it as there center, however a long range pissing battle ensued and no attack happened.
3 kings are buried in tynemouth priory hence 3 crowns on north tynesides shield, all 3 are considered pagan so no link there.
the first person killed by long range bombing (blitz) in WW2 was in wallsend.
romes map ended at newcastle stretching to carlisle until antonine built another less successful wall further up north.
i think what we have here is a case of modern art sucking badly, the sage center (first picture) is called the slug.
spillers was to be turned into flats, and local jobs, hence HOPE. fail.
the needle and globe are also next to the magistrate courts you failed to point that out.
the 'eye bridge' and 'angel of the north' were bought by a stupid council.
angel of the north was going to be in barnsley to say hello to the north, when the council saw the end product the gateshead/newcastle councils joined together and bought it.
the 'eye bridge' or 'millennium bridge. was to be in london again the two councils banded together and outbid to get it built, london still got there bridge.
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