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Originally Posted by cacadores View Post

Fair dues. The Koran is mainly promoted and translated by...........Moslems. And the phrases like 'kill the unbelievers', 'lie in wait for them, '[4.89] but (even) if they turn back, then seize them and kill them wherever you find them'' are direct and unambiguous.

The Koran, here:[/COLOR][/B]
Thanks, cacadores.
I've had a look and I think you have quoted out of context.
4.89 is referring to their own (ie. believers) who have known Allah and betrayed him by rejoining the violent infidels and who are thus a threat to the peaceful ones of Allah.
This is supported by 4.90-91 which is clearly referring to self-defense.

There are far more verses that speak of peaceful things rather than violent ones.
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