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Default He stalks me yet again with his bewildering shite.

Originally Posted by ianw View Post
The sky may appear black, so what the sky is a natural blue screen. With one light source.
The sky IS black in every single piece of footage in 50 hours of video. It isn't blue, it's black. In every direction, even zoomed cameras, panned around 360 degrees with nothing visible except the surface of the Moon, the astronauts, the LM and equipment and the rover.

You have no explanation, you are a noise generator.

Only an apolo fanatic would think movies are filmed entirely in one location eg studio.
Only a very dumb person would carry on misspelling Apollo after 50 corrections and make such a stupid claim about locations.

Why dont you use some trigonometry to show how far the horizons should be in various moon scenes.
Only a very dumb person would ask such a thing on a 2d picture.

I have read on your posts in the distant past that the mountains are 300 miles away but appear a lot closer because of the vacuum.
I have never made such an extreme claim, you have genuine problems with reading comprehension, now it appears with facts and figures and memory recall. Ten miles some of them.

You have already demonstrated such vigor on flat earth threads so you have no excuse not to do the same for the sake of apolo
It is A P O L L O. You trolllllllll. I don't need an excuse not to do something that cannot be done. Your intellect vacuum that stops you understanding this is not my problem.

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