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Originally Posted by grannie27 View Post
No YOU ignored all the videos I put up of Farage speaking against BOMBING ANYONE ,I saw your huge front ,but you missed out the last part of his statement . Cherry picking does not make you legit ...

And it was NOT Sean Hannity he was speaking to was Neil Cavuto ,but never let facts get in the way of your opinion eh

Nothing will change in the voting system between now and May sadly ,so rather than put the War Mongering PAEDO Parties back in Power I will vote for the Party that premote's Peace . UKIP. Are they perfect ...NO ...but a darn sight more honest and up front . Hence the HUGE support gathering for them .
reminds me of support for the tea party in america. promising at the start but anybody with eyes in their head could see how it was basically being subverted right from the start but after all that their supporters still didn't see and it grew anyway. now you have those who support it and those who ridicule it....just like every useless political party. and that IS politics. thats how politics works. you, meaning the little guy, never wins. but its all you got...right? so you keep on doing it...
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