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In the video above Wilcock says there are 'rules' the illuminati have to operate under ...

These are not cosmic laws ....

My understanding is there are two categories of ET.... those who have no problem messing with us ... and others who follow a non interference directive , these more enlightened ETs don't even interfere with and stop the ETs interfering with us , but there are limits .

The enlightened ET's operate in coalitions ,and judge each case as it arises ... they are more powerful than the interfering ETs (reps etc) and could end the tyranny tomorrow , but they understand there are lessons being learnt , so stand back ,and wait for US to end it..... And most of the tyranny is instigated by humans anyway.

So that's partly why the vatican hall is built like a snake ... and their main ritual is eating the flesh of christ .... the pope can basically say " look ! we don't hide anything , we're quiet open , the people love it... they know the priests are child molesters , but they still respect them" .... and the good ETs have to admit it's true, and stand aside .
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