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Originally Posted by jake_ball View Post
Yes that is possible. Some people think that they might be spy drones (maybe organic ones ?).

I actually saw a Red Kite circling around a high rise block of council flats appearing to be interested in what was on the roof, and THEN it hovered next to the window of one of the appartments near the top, and it appeared to be interested in what was in that appartment.
Well i think they are disguising drones or at least designing drones to operate in the same way that natural animals do for example basing drones on dragonflies etc so i'm not ruling anything out with the red kites idea but i do know that red kites are now breeding in greater numbers and making a comeback so your chances of a sighting will increase...which is cool!

There's a feeding area in the trossachs and also in dumfriesshire and no doubt south of the border as well. The birds eat carrion so meat is being laid out for them by humans who are trying to help numbers increase
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