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So... I started out at the end of '78, 13 years of age as a drummer in a punk band, we called ourselves Pleeboy (plee is a Dutch word for toilet), performed a bunch of times, unfortunately nothing was ever recorded.... Played in many bands after that and around 1986 I bought my very first 4 track cassette recorder and a casio keyboard with which you could take samples. Not like how it is now, nowadays that stuff is easy, back then you had to push the button at the right time and take the sample with a mic hanging over a speaker, lots of work but lots of fun too....

At that time I was in a "living room band" called De Prutsers, 4 out of work freaks, always stoned making music with anything we could get our hands on, children instruments, real instruments, a commodore 64 computer, we made 4 cassettes.... And in the meantime I was just home taping....

Moved to Indonesia in '96 and around '98 I started making music with a pc and Fruityloops and I've been making tons of music since then.....

Here's some of that:

And here you can hear loads of songs, with rappers from all over the world, stuff I made in the 80's and 90's, solo and with De Prutsers....
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