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Originally Posted by st jimmy View Post
According to the unholy Quran, Jews and Christians who believe in the one-true God, are just as good "believers" as Muslims...
Muslim is not the same as Arab by the way.

I would like to know more about Danny's claim that Sharia law was invented (by the British Zionists) in WW I.
Without any hard evidence, I can't believe such a claim...
I think that Danny should have investigated this before posting, and if he did, I don't understand why he doesn't just post the evidence.
I’ve just noticed this comment and I don’t intend to go over it again please read over my comments above it could have been worded better it was an early hours post and wasn’t supposed to be as long as it turned out. It was supposed to be just about Greece and the prospect of retaliation over Sharia Law and false flag events which could still very well happen in the future. But as I written it I know this to be a greater problem internationally.

Sharia Law as it exists today in modern times (modern Islam) is how it was instituted after WWI which the British helped facilitate. It’s not the ancient Sharia Law as is often presented and it’s not religion it’s peoples ideas which vary upon peoples ideas of religion and over time. It’s not of religion or any form of religious text whatsoever. Because of this it was used by international political ideology to try and control Islamic nations hence Britain helped defeat other Islamic traditions that didn’t want to institute this extreme form of Sharia Law that has been put in place today along with the British backing of Saudi Arabia and the protection of wahhabism that goes along with this extreme form of Sharia Law that was put in place and kept there after WWI. Then this model has been spread throughout the Middle East again by past regime changes and control of tinpot dictators by the British Empire, the “ancient model” of this now Rothschild One World Dicatorship?

The British helped defend it, supported it, introduced a more extreme form of Sharia Law why do you think they’d do that?
Now they’re against it? Why?
Perhaps you should do the research before commenting also and have thought about such things as this history from WWI and the British support and institution of Sharia Law that has since been carbon coped throughout most of the Middle East. They met resistance and revolution in some places didn’t they...
Now they’re removing that old model because it hasn’t fully worked and it’s fell apart. They have a new model for the Middle East by destruction and are apparently dead against Sharia Law. It’s called international Zionism for a NWO One World Government.
But thanks for your advice anyways ;-)

I should just not post so late and have left it to re read a little more carefully before posting.
But if anyone can do any better please feel free to do so.
I’m not paid by anyone to be here and make these posts or put my time in to make sure it’s bulletproof otherwise
I maybe a little more careful before posting...

Especially with all these critics who have only looked upon the surface and not a little deeper.
Danny Edwards
If you believe everything I say, I don’t trust you. More importantly you shouldn’t trust yourself or you own opinion on this until you’ve researched it for yourself!

Knowledge alone is not enough know thyself...

Scio Te Ipsum - Verum Ordo Ad Chao

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