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Originally Posted by vancity eagle View Post
there are HUNDREDS of different interpretations of the Bible, ALL BASED OFF OF THE SAME BOOK.

Yes "all the requirements" for these hundreds of different interpretations are all there as well.

And just like British intelligence created Wahabisim

Freemasonry created Christian splinter groups like Mormonism or Jehovas witness.

Its really not hard to understand, unless of course you intentionally don't want to.
I agree with that , but it is disingenuous at best to literally say Sharia was created by the British after WW1

and I did peg it by asking if you mean the fall of the Ottoman Empire is what led to the birth of what we see as Islam today with it's splintered interpretations

as far as I can tell Islam has been subjected to the same divide and rule tactics as any other of the three branches of Abraham

it has been used as a method of repression and brutal compliance long before there even was a British Empire
I posted that before you decided to add your two cents but as usual you will ignore what I do post in favor of portraying the opposite
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