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Originally Posted by itam37 View Post
thread for "losers"--- it s my thread,and I ve been called loser all my life....ha-ha !
I take it as a surrender of the system of conformists....
cause I ve been living always MY way....and don't give a shit about sc "winners"
I know people who surendered to them, good people, and they look worst than ever.

If you don't stand up then you are toasted.

These god spirits are pure evil, they don't care about anyone as long as they feed and control, manipulate.

They don't care about your winding, you are going to be processed by them sooner or later for your belongings, your life force.

Most of the people are zombies, they enjoy it, who the hell cares for a bunch of zombies, I know I don't, they laugh in my face while I pass by them.

SHTF will happen, don't think it won't, it's comming to terminate the gods and the farm house.

Most of the people don't care, they are carless zombies, I can care less about such individuals, I do not care about humanity in general, only a small potion of people I know that are okey dokey, the rest is non of my bussines, it can go to hell as long as I'm concerned.

This god came to me in my dreams, asked me to take care of his cattle (some humans) and I refused, to preserve his cattle so he will have food. The cattle will all die in the end, it's comming.

If you are a stupid cow, and refuse to change, then it's no one's fault what is going to happen to you, if you go along with them
Cattle just go along with everything, you eat cow meat you are a cow, you drink cow milk then you are a cow.

this is how archons look.

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