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Default The truth is right here.

You have heard David about the human species being controlled.

Have you heard the propaganda? There is going to be a flash and we will ascend? Everything seems to be being pushed through our beliefs, specially Biblical ones. On little from this religion and that. We are being played. The idea that the chakra at the heart is to be the key to ascending is crap as far as I can tell. The chakra just below the navel is a weapon. Whoever is behind this want us disarmed.

How I came to that conclusion. I was never getting a good nights sleep. I was one of the old men dreaming. I was already aware that the lower chakra was inside my chest and yes the heart chakra did seem to have more power. This was causing me some discomfort and seemed bad for my health. I don't know what triggered it. I pulled that lower chakra out. Blood pressure went down, real low. I have been sleeping a lot the last 2 days. The dreams went away. This was not a direct attack, this was subliminal programming. I fell for it. You may have too. Break away and become human again.

We are a older and more powerful species than those that want to keep control of us. Time to pull the alien off our backs and stomp on them. This may sound stupid and unbelievable to you but, think about what is going on around you and try to project your lower chakra. You may not have this problem, I'm sure many of us do.
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