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Originally Posted by cinder_darkskys View Post
quick update i'm still looking for the master fudgetusk. I didn't want you to think i was shuffling you off. when i fine the masters' I'll look in to whats there. Going throw out my storage sites. And I will work something out. Unless i'm dead.

After all saying it. Is not the same as seeing it.

I would like to make sure there less confusion. So this will probably happen on the new site.

Skys PeaceLovsAll
These are the best i can find at this point. I am still looking for my masters to this image. the file name has change. an it possible i was using my sister BF digi cammera at the time. so the files an the raw data maybe under a different directory or storage location or account.

these are the images I would like to find. to pre my main files correctly. all date on this image was set for that time. an the very limited understand at the time. With this set in the passed it place to set fire to your minds. to aloud change in mental mind set.

they were used place's that pollorize that monkey mind set. beheading it with a one swipe

The I know it happening. Well you didn't know. I am the one an the shit wade were not the ones they were quoting other shit wads work. or my personal fav I'm Jesus Christ. They all fell apart with the truth. The monkey mind set.

like paper dragons puff up in smoke. these are not negative images there very up lifting. here is why. Canada is a nation of the world. Meaning every nation on the planet has people's here. If Canada go's down we lose one of the highest non genetic corrupted gen pool on the entire planet

there is more then 1 thing going on. This make its confusing for people who are really try to understand. Not 1 image ever made me question my faith. People who fear what I do are, probably the one's fracking up in the 1st place
So there a huge difference in whats going

This topic is interested in the hows ; are the feeding off of us.

WAR. corporation government populations pollutions religious corruption. The second we can't stop a pipeline forcing us to destroy it. The second we can't stop genocide. The second we pull a trigger even at a paper target. yummy eating us. an it works on the opposite to the above images. in the sense of how these shit wads are dealt with.

If we harm a living thing for profit. Its yum yum time. Its maked right on us.

Eminem - Déjà Vu lyrics

Skys how are they feeding off of us

A is for Alpha- from where you came.
O is For Omega- to where your going.
I'll slay U l8rz

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