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The title of this thread doesn't seem to relate to the video ...

The video deals with ancient humans being used as gold miners , using cone and toroidal shaped stones for levitation .. stone circles as energy devices . ...

This is not what David means when he talks of 'aliens feeding off us'.... He believes they create wars and feed off the negative intense emotional energy released...

I think there is a misunderstanding here ... reps are physical beings who do eat meat .. humans are often on the menu ... they do not feed directly on emotional energy .. Although they may get a buzz from watching conflict , just as some sic humans do in watching a bull fight of a boxing match , but it is not true to say such humans "feed" from these events .. they get no direct substance, they need physical nutrition ....

But we do have reports of 'plasma beginnings' , orbs ... they appear to rely solely on the electrical emanations of other creatures to survive , the higher the excitement the more food , so they do feed from the effects of war and strife in the human population.

These plasma beings could be subtly influencing the reptilians (and humans) to create conflict.
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