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Arrow The General's Daughter

Sea Lion Woman..
Chief Warrant Officer W-Four Paul Brenner , a Vietnam War veteran of the 196th LIB, is in Georgia, masquerading as First Sergeant Frank White, at a local Army base, to broker an illegal arms trade with a self-proclaimed freedom fighter.. Brenner is actually an undercover agent of the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command.. Part of his character's disguise is speaking with a strong Southern accent.. The officer is Captain Elisabeth Campbell , the base commanding general's daughter and herself an Army captain in psychological operations...

Hey Spencer..What about company command?..

Both times he is in contact with her, he is keeping up the pretence with the Southern drawl.. Elisabeth is, at first, warm to him, but after a few minutes of conversation, she becomes cool and distant, saying she has a lot of work to get through..The next evening, she is found murdered..Brenner and another warrant officer, CWO W-2 Sara Sunhill , who is also a rape specialist, are brought in to investigate, as both are Army CID personnel.. At the scene, the base Provost Marshal, Colonel William Kent, and several of his military police have secured the area.. Captain Campbell's nude body has been staked down with tent pegs, strangled, and presumably raped.. Colonel Kent also advises Captain Campbell's father, Lieutenant General Joseph "Fighting Joe" Campbell , a highly respected and very popular general officer who was Brenner's Commanding Officer in Vietnam, on all military police matters..Sunhill returns to the location Elisabeth's body was found to record more notes.. But there, she is knocked roughly to the ground by four men who verbally threaten her and give her a message for Brenner.

They should be wondering about us, don't you think?..

1997 February 10 - Sandline affair: Australian newspapers publish stories that the government of Papua New Guinea has brought mercenaries onto Bougainville Island.On 15 February Billie-Jo was battered over the head with an iron tent peg whilst working alone painting patio doors in the rear of the then family home in Hastings, East Sussex, the rest of the family purportedly being out of the property at the time..Alexandra Park is located in Hastings, East Sussex in England.. It was formally opened by the Prince and Princess of Wales on 26 June 1882..In April 2004, the park was officially reopened by Charlie Dimmock and the Mayor of Hastings after a large regeneration scheme costing £3.46m..The park fauna consists of gray squirrels, Canada geese and mallard ducks as well as an array of different bird life..The park features several small water reservoirs that provide popular locations for leisure fishing within the town..Open 7 days a week, dawn until dusk.. torched all the evidence that proves you're you, okay?.So, wow!..Any word from the LAPD intelligence?..If there IS such a thing?..Please tell me what planet I'm on!..

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