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If unity consciousness is real then why do we need to go through the crappy ego consciousness? Can't we have unity consciousness without having to go through all the tedious ego stuff?

We need to be formed as unique individuals and that requires an evolution of 16 billion years or something like that. At the same time there is only the eternal now. And the entire past is in the now, created in zero seconds time! But the experience of time has to be created, so that's why it feels so tedious and burdensome.

The good thing is that evolution is an exponential process, meaning that the progress is accelerating. What took millions of years of development in the past takes only a year now, and then one years development takes only one day and so on. In fact, the progress now goes so fast that the Mayan end date October 28 may indeed be a point in time when unity consciousness will emerge, but it could happen before that or after that date. The key is at what time evolution reaches what is called a singularity where the progress accelerates towards infinity.
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