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Originally Posted by rob menard View Post
Slow day at the office 'LBH?
I am not your friend, your arrogant condescending and purposely insulting behaviour tells mew you are trying to bait me, and I shall not rise to the childishness of your post.

Steven may not seem like a fool to you, as the blind often look to the poor of sight for guidance. He ends all his posts with some made up name that is not his, many of which were clearly veiled insults. Your opinion is he is not a fool. Mine is he is, and not for asking questions, but for seeking conflict instead of understanding, and for using so many very childish names which were not his as his closing line. Plus, he has a smell of someone who has been here before, and who is banned, and was banned for the exact same things. Additionally, many of his questions were simple red hearings, and much like you who try to insult me by pointing out my habits, yet calling me a friend, you are clearly a two faced shallow man. Am I your friend or not? If so, why talk to me like that? If not, why call me your friend?

Truth is, you are a shallow, insecure lying POS and are not worthy of my time or energy. You seek to bait and insult, while calling someone friend and claiming you only want discussion. You lie. You are not my friend, nor do you seek discussion. You seek to insult me in a smarmy fashion, playing the child's card of pure innocence.

Welcome to my ignore list LBH.

PS- Boots if you wish to ask your question again, whatever it may be feel free.
What? the blind look to folk with poor eyesight for guidance, i heard that, i've also heard that people with no feet go to Clarks for shoes.
Aw i'm on your ignore list, i'm gutted, no i am, really. How will i cope?
I think you'll find you offered up your habits in one of your earlier posts when you were attempting to intimidate me. The thing is the Icke forum like folk like me popping your ballon, they like the amount of traffic this thread brings and are no longer, it seems, ready to ban those who stand up to your threats and hollow information. Even here the fmotl is struggling to get anyone to believe it, well except for, i think about five people and even then i'm not sure that some of them might just be clever satirists.
I've tried discussing things with you but your idea of a discussion is ignoring any question you can't answer and expecting me to fawn over your ridiculous sub guru platitudes. You don't want a discussion, that much is obvious to anyone who can read. I pity the simple minded folk who believe a word that comes out of your beer swilling mouth, many of whom appear desperate people who are about to be evicted or jailed or looking to welch out of loans etc.
One more time for the sake of reason, have you or anyone claimed their bond and can you point to a single case of a freeman wining in court? There, two simple questions we can all see, i'll give you notice, say 8 days, and if you can't prove me wrong then it will stand as evidence that the fmotl only exists on the internet and in the mind of those who'll believe anything.
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