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Originally Posted by rich157 View Post

I arranged it in a way to mean loads of different things but tried to keep the picture balanced/fair at the same time.
I made the whole picture based on details about myself & life.

To me...

It says I I I, because the 2nd to 5th letters in all my names are ich (german for I)
(The first letter from each name, combine to form a sigil elsewhere in the picture)
It says that in II,0,I,II - I'll be 33.
It says EVE Hill.
It says WIζΔOM.
It says MIX because I like Dj'in.
Haha joining masonry in 2O12 because of your age? Nice degree haha
EVE Hill = Evil ? what does it stand for
WIζΔOM = ?? Could you refresh my memory
MIX = What does that stand for? And do you mean genies by Dj'in?
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