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Originally Posted by sucheta19 View Post

I contacted a firm of legal agents and arranged for them to represent me in Court.

However, the next day, they stated that they could not represent me due to 'a conflict of interest'. When I called them for an explanation, they did not say that they were acting for the other side but were 'unable to confirm' what the conflict was.

The friend mentioned in my last post contacted me again and insisted that she had a problem that 'could not be discussed on the phone', only 'in person'. She was very insistent. When I told her that I had seen a woman walking behind her on coming to my flat, she seemed unconcerned and said that she hadn't seen anyone. She said that no-one had rung the bell. I said yes, that was true, she had not rang the bell as I had opened the door when I knew it was safe to do so.

I have suggested she contacts me by email.

On a positive note:

A psychic told me that I was being harassed by neighbours who were causing alot of noises to disturb me. He said that they wanted me dead by saying that I had committed suicide. However, he said I was not suicidal and wanted to continue to fight. He said he 'saw' a very tall man outside my house opening a case.

Following this event, I have not heard any more noises from next door, and have not seen anyone.

However, I continue to notice cars with men waiting either inside or outside where ever I go. There is one at each end of my road where I live. And the attempts to interfere with my life continue.
i might have some more info you later.. can i ask what year your problems began and if you have any interest in computers (as in technical)?
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