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If it was an insurance job, then somewhere mid-atlantic a rendezvous would have been made with a ship ready to take all the passengers and crew on board prior to scuttling, or they had all been dropped off prior to the event and the ship was already in the hands of dismantlers/scuttle crew + service ship.
If the ship has been located and explored, where are all the skeletons of the passengers?
What exactly were the "significant differences" between the two sister ships ?- as I understand both had been refitted to some degree before the event. Were those "differences" before or after the refits?
If it was an insurance job, it was a brotherhood one, so false claims would have been made about any relevant potential evidence in the case. Severe damage could have been faked during a refit, and covered with metal sheeting intended for removal at the scuttling location. The refit could also have involved a manual system of scuttling through the removal of parts inside the ship that would then expose any fake damage and start taking in water, through a quick dismantle procedure.

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