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Originally Posted by thermion View Post
This is discussed here, point three.

Skeptiod goes down here like a fart in a lift, but all anyone has to do is challenge Dunning with "alternative facts".

Dubious article that somewhat tellingly ends with the usual propagandist appeal to 'think of the victims' (who have no living relatives who ever knew them, btw) in an attempt to emotionally shame and dissuade the casual reader from looking into it any further.

The author doesn't cite any references that cover the Olympic issue to back up his 'facts'.

I'm not claiming the ships were switched, or that neither sank - I don't know - but the uncannily prophetic 1898 novel 'Wreck of the Titan', makes me suspect more was going on here than meets the eye...of the person reflexively willing to take an extremely thin 'nothing to see here' piece from Skeptoid at face value.

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