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It in my opinion is a trait that set in on the psyche of man in his early development stages way back when!

Think of it this way. Everyone is all peachy, sitting comfortable at their computer or even outside working in their gardens and they feel safe, knowing the neighbors are to be trusted, the towns down the road are friends and all is well!

But when all hell breaks loose those towns loot and plunder each other, suspicious behavior is seen more commonly in everyone even when they are not doing anything to be worried about after that first attack.

No one ever sees the first coming. They let that warm fuzzy get to them and they always feel there is no need for guns. All cause they forget how people are when times get bad. Other towns form gangs. They don't want to carry on in their own turf so they take it outside and rob, rape, attack, steal from and enslave other towns they select to war on catching them always when they least expect it.

This is where it comes from and its our own doing, our own programming that was instilled early on as stated. We all forget this trait in peace time. Its easily remembered tho after the fist town and your relatives are enslaved and put into labor and sex camps and used for other war lords purposes. Just look at history and don't think for one minute that the towns just a few miles from you can be trusted if all hell breaks loose tomorrow. People from your town corrupt enough will rob them and the others will rob you and we do this repeatedly never learning from one to the other due to the amnesia that we get in peace time.

Peace time is a trap, a lull for stupid assess like most of the liberals crying for no guns! Believe me history shows those types are the first to turn bad when it hits the fan. They'll want guns then and for other than just safety but revenge and other such things when the memories come back and the "oh yeah I forgot I can't trust mankind moment" hits them! Then the liberal types become the most dangerous because they are most naive and slowest to wake so then when they do they are in a big hurry to make up time wasted during the peace they fell for once more!~
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