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astralwalker, this has been a most riveting thread, i couldnt take my eyes of it, i had to read your post after post, thanks for all the time and effort that you have put into this.
I understand that your time is limited, i would like some comments or insights into the following question if you can.

Im quoting what you said previously.
That is why, you can not look for long at the Sun, because is starting to burn like never before. There are huge changes on the Sun. People who meditate in the nature for at least 20-30 years waiting for the Sunrise knows what I’m talking about and that the Sun is not the same as before.
I think i know what you are talking about, although its been just a few months that i have been going daily to see our Sun rise and welcome Him, it feels that in the last couple of months He has gotten 'brighter'.
This observation has been confirmed by people who are sungazers themselves.
I wanted you opinion on how you view our Sun.
I feel that, as you have said, the Sun will act as a step-down transformer,
to relay the energy that is coming to Him from the Galactic Center, and send it to Earth.
Just like i believe that our Earth is alive, so too is our Sun, the Sun i believe is not just conscious, but SUPERCONSCIOUS.
And i believe the universe is 'not out to get us' at all,
after all Sun gives us heat and light otherwise Earth would be devoid of any 3D life, it would be in Minus 200 degrees below zero.
What are your thoughts on aligning your conciousness with our Sun?
I cant see the galactic center, but i can see the Sun!

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