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Originally Posted by JustMe418 View Post
lol, Im quite sure they were monks from the catholic church, which is why catholocism was forced on much of the world. Why would the templars force such a religion on people when it condemned them?

The US isnt a freemasonic country but I wouldnt care if it was. Most seem to believe its a christian country. It is full of very wealthy pastors.

As far as Im concerend the templars ceased to exist when the church dissolved the order. If they reformed under a different name then you shouldnt call them templars. Ceremonial magicians? probably not though I cant see a problem with that if they were.
you are only looking at the surface of things

the church is full of freemasons

europe has been full of jews for many many centuries. Sometimes they could wear their religion openly and at other times they were rejected and became crypto jews (hidden jews)

In spain these were called 'marrano' jews

Spend a little time looking into the idea that the conquistadors were led by marranos and had marranos in their number and you might be surprised what you find

Yes the templars were suppressed in france but not really anywhere else. In portugal for example they renamed themselves the knights of christ and became navigators and explorers. The fench king and his puppet pope were both dead from poison within a short space of time after they persecuted the templars. They did not win, the templar network did

Columbas bore the templar cross on the sails of his ship and was funded by that network who i suggest knew that the americas existed before columbas crossed the ocean because it has been passed down in occult orders about the existence of the americas
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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