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Originally Posted by B3LI3V3 View Post
Much knowledge has been not only suppressed, but destroyed, and those who know of it, killed.

Its one of the reasons they exterminated the native south-americans, native north americans, aboriginals, etc.
To destroy the ancient knowledge they carried about our world...
If you look at european colonisation of large parts of the world you will see that invading armies always came with missionaries whose job was to make naitve christian, to stamp out their native forms of worship and to destroy all of their documents. Looks what they did to all the aztec and maya books, presuming they were the devils work when a lot of them were just about astronomical observations of the planets. The europeans also had the attitude that they had superior civilsations and people would loot and destroy monuments for various reasons. Items that once were part of ancietn cultures became objects of conversation and trinkets to people obsessed with trying to make an impression, which is why the shrunken head trade took off and led to mass killings, fuelled by european demands for macabre relics.
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