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Originally Posted by lockieholland View Post
but I would like to remind you all how important it is to care and love those around you, and just how powerful that act really is, maybe to you it was nothing, but to that person it meant the world.
You are right, it is very powerful to bring happiness to someone. Only those who have done that can understand it. The feeling you have after that is full joy and happiness, plenitude.
Beggars and people living in the streets have a profound knowledge of life and circumstances. There are two beggars at the supermarket I usually go shopping and I always ask them for advice. The last thing I asked them (as an example for you) it was that maybe I had to go to live in Australia to have a better life and was afraid being so far away. I would feel alone and could not come back if I didn´t like it or could not afford the ticket, and one said "what it matters is not how far it is but the flight hours" and another thing "it doesn´t matter if you don´t like the place, you have to think that you are earning money to come back and make your dreams come true at home" isn´t it brilliant?

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