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Originally Posted by neonlinux View Post
I am currently working through the Ancient Aliens shows and in season 1 they mentioned a quote from NASA about when a moon lander crashed into the moons surface and created a huge echo, vibration like a bell. NASA believed the moon to be hollow.
I am starting to study and look more into the NASA / Moon info, so thanks for these great threads.
The video is one produced by Aulis onlines’ David Percy. The so called anomalies, would never have become such had he cared to research the Apollo record. I have personally refuted many of his dubious claims with the Apollo science record, of late he has started using obscure Russian "scientists" to support his dubious claims, they are by their nature almost impossible to contact. His videos are slick, well produced, but do not stand up to scientific scrutiny.
Further, NASA have never claimed the Moon is hollow.
A basic understanding of physics, and some understanding of how planetary bodies form will
confirm this.

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