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Originally Posted by metak88 View Post
But, keep in mind that it's written by a businessman with no training in any relevant field.
"As a youth, Joseph Atwill studied Greek, Latin and the Bible at St. Mary's Military Academy, a Jesuit-run school in Japan. In college he studied computer science, and was co-founder of a series of software companies including Ferguson Tool Company and ASNA. After 1995, he returned to Biblical studies.[39] Working with Robert Eisenman, he authored a paper on radiocarbon dating of the Dead Sea Scrolls.[40] In 2014, Atwill self-published another book, Shakespeare's Secret Messiah...."


I'm just listening to the above for the first time ... According to Atwill , Shakespeare was a jewish woman .. who am I to disagree??

This is another bombshell , and explains why the establishment pushes Shakespeare as the greatest literature ever writren...

It's Another Psi-op !!

From 40 mins onward the video discusses the mind control (psi-op) nature of Shakespeare and the bible , both authored by jews ... and now the jews continue their mind-control , but using Hollywood.

From 50 mins onward they cover the jewish take down of the west through immigration ...jewish control of federal reserve ...

54:10 Atwill .."One ethnicity (jews) dominating another ... tiny fraction of the population ... why do the jews have this sort of influence?"

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