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Originally Posted by chockimon View Post
I've had an NDE and many OBE's and they are amazing experiences, but do we really go anywhere, or is it just our consciousness having a different type of illusionary experience. Is anything really physical? What if our reality really is a hologram, then where does our consciousness reside? Where is it, what's it's exact location? If I'm not really here, then where am I?

From what I gather, the psychological mind is the prison. When we have an NDE the psychological mind gets left behind. Outside of the psychological mind is real freedom. The only people I know of that achieved real freedom from the psychological mind is U.G.Krishnamurti. I'm sure there are others.

Q.: What supplies concepts and ideas?

U.G.: The mind—the psychological mind. We are all part of the same structure. Somehow, you see, since I don't know how I stepped out of it, but not by my will or volition or by my effort or by any of these things. Somehow something happened, I just found myself outside of this structure. So that can happen only when the structure inside is destroyed; otherwise, as long as the structure inside is there, you are part of that.

1:29: Our motive in questioning him is to defend and strengthen our own psychological continuity and nothing else.

2:45 First, any answers will automatically be placed into old preconceived frameworks. If they do not fit, they will be discarded without hesitation. Secondly, all questions of this kind are mental contrivances whose purpose is not dispassionate discovery, but the protection of a carefully constructed, ruthlessly guarded, psychological entity—the questioner himself. The reality he refers to can be glimpsed, not in the form of words and arguments, but in the power, grace, and inherent certainty of his every gesture and action. In the movement of a hand and in the fair even temperment one can sense that immutable something, an undefinable ease of being which sets this man apart, not as an anomoly of nature, but as the long awaited natural fulfillment of the human promise. But let the viewer make no mistake. U.G.'s simple, disarming message is not meant merely to inform or criticize. Upon closer scrutiny, one sees that this deceptively genial, unorthodoxed philosophy, is placed squarely at the working end of a battering ram.

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