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Default Near Death Experiences

This thread will be dedicated to what are IMO some of the best NDEs. I've listened to so many of them sometimes I think that if I listen to one more it will not be that much different from the last one. But no, they're all different - the stories are all unique just as every individual is: unique.

4:50 “We are separate from that body.”

10:50 “People say that I'm not the same person I was then as I am now, so I'm sure some things got rewired.”

2:50 “And suddenly I have this realization that OMG I'm thinking and I'm having thoughts just like I normally would. And the realization came that whoever I am I always am and whatever's on the floor is nothing more than a shell.

3:32 "It was just this hazy energy ball."

We are not our bodies:

Man takes his last breath when the counter is at 6:20 a.m. look closely and you'll see the blinking orb rise up [4:35 mark] and pause and then continue on to the right.

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