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Originally Posted by galacticwacko View Post
It's kind of tough to peg it exactly. We are dealing with Paganistic ritual mixed with Witchcraft and Satanism. Some worship one thing while the others think they worship another. But my chips are on Lucifer as being the man behind the curtain of it all. Remember, this is an EVIL group and/or race/species. They do not LOVE, so they DO NOT TRUST. That makes their life MISERABLE. They have all the money but want MORE. They have their own SEX slaves but can not SLAKE their lust. They EAT but do not appreciate the taste. I am sure that MOST of THEM do not know what or who they are dealing with. MOST of THEM are pawns as well.
Yes there's a lot of truth in what you said.
I agree with you, they eat like there's no tomorrow, they have money that they can never spend, it's a disease of the heart and the mind.

Their hearts and minds are sick, but unfortunately they have contaminated a lot of people on every level.
Knowledge requires wisdom
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