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Originally Posted by sade View Post

It has lately started to cross my mind that maybe the elite are hardcore-christians who are trying to get rid of some other group who might just be on our side? A bit like the illuminati version of Dan Brown. There is also no evidence that they have really killed anybody in those rituals, so who is trying to make who look bad and why? Satan is also a christian invention, so why is all the elite stuff associated with it? Is perhaps a christian organization, behind all of these accusations?
Not pagans then? You wouldn't be a pagan by any chance?

Anyway you're wrong. They're not Christians because they kill people. They can't be Christian. Anyone who kills another or who does evil is no longer a Christian. They're not following Christ's rules. The church was just the Roman priesthood corrupting the threat of the new people's faith of Jesus.

They might be considered to be more like the Old Testament Egyptian/Jewish elite. This elite priesthood is way older than Jesus, indeed Jesus was trying to tell everyone about the corrupt priesthood: Pharisees, so they had him killed.

They're still with us. Probably not very PC thing to say but if you researched Judaism, it's history, magic and morality and especially the Qaballah, then you will be nearer the truth of what's going on in the world.

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