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Default Vitamin C as IV injection to cure cancer

I have read this thread with interest and I am so pleased for you being able to treat yourself. I will now be looking into this a lot more myself for friends and family that may well suffer from cancer at some point (until we can all educate people).

I saw an article on the BBC in the UK at least 6 months ago, whereby scientists were using injections of neat Vitamin C to treat tumours in mice (maybe rats). The results were EXTREMELY positive as vitamin C is a natural anti-oxidant.

Can I find anymore information about this anywhere, what do you think???

Here is the BBC link I found in their archive from 2005 but no sign of the more recent findings (I will keep searching).

This should be the biggest news going when you consider the cost to the NHS (or should I say profit to the big pharmas) for treatment of cancer...
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