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Originally Posted by cheesedanish View Post
One more thing ... when he finished his Op they did a CT scan which
showed Cancer clear. They still put him on 6 months of Chemotherapy
as 'precaution'. I personally would not do it - but He followed what
Oncologist suggested. Why still do the Chemo when the scan showed
you are cancer free - makes me wonder about the money? Although
the Oncologist looked like she has his Health interest at heart and that
'this was a norm'. Anyhow its over for now - I just worry about the long
term effects of the Chemo.
The reason they give you more chemo is because there might be small amounts of cancer that the scan cant see so they say but there might be other reasons like more money for them. The thing about ct scans they can increase the chance of cancer and they dish them out like water off a ducks back.
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