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There's something going on in this world that I can't quite put my finger on, but my theory is we're being guided as a whole. All the mindless dribble that the masses are fed makes them complete morons, which is actually a good thing. Humans are at the top of the food chain, our brains make it so we can be devastatingly destructive, so dumbing people down and making them docile makes it so there is less of a chance of people obliterating eachother.
your conception of humanity is completely flawed. you are working from the principle that humans are essentially selfish and will only fight each other over scarce resources.


humans are cooperative and we have built communities like large nations numbering millions of strangers because we are able to love each other and share. how else could they have come about?

we need to feed such good people honesty and love, so that our development continues to progress, not complete shit so that we go back to the stone age.

back to the philosophical drawing board you go.
One who questions, and people should question everything, including what I say, is questioning in pursuit of the truth. A skeptic, their foundation from the start is that anything outside their pea-sized norm is not true. So their skepticism is not questioning if something is true it's setting out from the start to try to convince people it's not. - David Icke Videocast 11 March 2016

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