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Lightbulb Finding Benjaman

Kyle in 2010..
On August 31, 2004 at 5:00 am, a Burger King employee found him unconscious, sun-burnt, and naked behind a dumpster of the restaurant.. He had 3 depressions in his skull that appeared to have been caused by blunt force trauma and he also had red ant bites on his body..After discovering him, employees called 911, and EMS took him to St. Joseph's/Candler Hospital in Savannah.. He had no identity document and was recorded in hospital records as "Burger King Doe"..Two weeks later he was transferred to Memorial Health University Medical Center, where records state he was semiconscious..He had woken up with cataracts in both eyes..Upon seeing himself in the mirror for the first time, Kyle realized he was around 20 years older than he thought he was..After being released from the hospital, Kyle spent several years between the Grace House men's shelter and hospitals..The nurse helped support Kyle financially while he earned about $100 a month mostly doing yard work..While driving her truck in a yard, Kyle discovered that he still remembered how to drive a car..He was diagnosed with dissociative amnesia in 2007 by Jason A. King in Atlanta..In 2008 he was invited to appear on the Dr. Phil show..

Jacksonville, Florida Flag..

He was the only American citizen officially listed as missing despite his whereabouts being known..Benjaman Kyle remembered that he was born 10 years before Michael Jackson and on the same day, giving him a possible birth date of August 29, 1948..Through hypnosis, he recalled a partial Social Security number 3X5-44-XXXX, consistent with numbers assigned in Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana during the 1960s.. Hypnosis suggested that Benjaman had 2 or 3 brothers, whose names or faces he did not remember, but otherwise did not remember any other people from his life..Kyle had nearly no memory of his life after the 1980s, including how he ended up in Georgia..One event he does remember is reading about the September 11 attacks..On August 11, Florida governor Jeb Bush issued a state of emergency declaration due to the impending threat Charley presented to the state while the storm was still located south of Jamaica.. listened to my phone calls?.Honey I would never do that! I'd never do that! I..I just read the transcripts, that's all..I want 10 chocolate chip cookies..Medium chips..None too close to the outside..Sometimes I truly fear that losing my mind..And if I did would be like flying blind...

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