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Lightbulb كوكب الشرق

The type 22 pillbox is a regular hexagon in plan with an embrasure in 5 of the sides and an entrance in the other..
Without a name, they are referred to by the clothes they died in or some other distinguishing feature..The lady in the Afghan Jacket and a woman who may have been a sex worker known as The Duchess are just two of the hundreds of unidentified body cases reported..A significant number of unidentified body cases relate either to people who have lost contact with family - and are therefore not reported missing - or foreign nationals who die on UK soil..Roughly 1 in 10..Coroners decide what happens to the bodies and although most are buried, some are kept in morgues..One line of inquiry being pursued came from a truck driver about a woman known only as The Duchess..She is understood to have worked as an escort around the Great Yarmouth docks area in the mid 1970s.. Her clients were often truck drivers..She was in her late 20s or early 30s, came from Denmark and travelled repeatedly across the North Sea between East Anglia and Denmark..Could the Cockley Cley body have been The Duchess?..Henry the Fowler was arguably the founder of the imperial dynasty..

Genesis - Du+chess..

Hertfordshire Police are continuing to investigate the case of a young woman who suffered horrific injuries on the A1 in February 75..Wearing no slippers, she was hitch-hiking for a lift into London and spoke to both a lorry driver and a milkman, taking a yogurt from the rear of the latter's float..She wore an Afghan-style coat and spoke with a "foreign accent"..A short while later the woman, aged between 23 and 25 and about 5ft 4in tall (1.62m), was run over by a number of vehicles..

The novel is set in and around The Green Man, an inn between London and Cambridge owned by Maurice Allington, a 53-year-old man with a second wife, a teenage daughter and an 80-year-old father living with him in the inn's upstairs apartment.. The inn and its name date back to the 14th century, and the inn's charm is further embellished by a history of haunting related to a 17th-century owner, Thomas Underhill, a Cam-bridge scholar who dabbled in the occult.. Underhill was associated with two unsolved murders, including that of his wife, which could not be traced back to him..As the novel unfolds, Allington is beset by a number of difficulties, including his father's death by stroke at dinner one night, and a drinking problem that causes hypnagogic jactitation and hallucinations; Maurice compounds his problems by pursuing an affair with his doctor's wife, neglecting his daughter Amy (whose mother, Maurice's first wife, was killed in a road accident), and attempting to seduce both his current wife and his mistress into a ménage à trois, which backfires when the two Women take an enthusiastic interest in each other and effectively shut him out of the orgy...

February 3 – Darth Umm Kulthum, Egyptian actress and singer (b. 1904)/4 – Berth Natalie Imbruglia, Australian actress and singer\8 -Thieves in Italy broke into the Ducal Palace art museum at Urbino, and stole the paintings La Muta by Raphael, and the masterpieces The Flagellation of Christ and Madonna di Senigallia, by Piero della Francesca, considered to be 3 of the 10 most famous Italian paintings from the Renaissance/12– Darth Bernard Knowles, English film director (b. 1900)\13 -Had that fire erupted during the working day, we could have had another Triangle Shirtwaist disaster– Darth André Beaufre, French general (b. 1902)/14-Huxley came from the distinguished Huxley family– Berth Malik Zidi, French actor\15 –Darth Michał Sopoćko, Polish saint, the Apostle of Divine Mercy (b. 1888)/16-HMS Sheffield, a guided missile destroyer, was commissioned into service in the British Royal Navy\18-The first major protest against the building of a nuclear power plant took place in the city of Wyhl in West Germany/22- 27 people, most of them skiers on vacation, were killed in Norway when 2 express trains collided between Oslo and Trondheim– Berth Drew Barrymore, American actress\23 – In response to the energy crisis, daylight saving time commences nearly 2 months earley in the US/26 –House number 39 Fairholme Road area of Hammersmith-A fleeing Irish Republican Army member Liam Quinn,shoots .38 Long Colt revolver and kills off-duty London police officer (b. 1953) Stephen Tibble, 22, as he gives chase..Quinn had replaced Brendan Dowd as a member of the IRA's active service unit operating in London at the time\27 – The 2 June Movement kidnaps West German politician Peter Lorenz.. He is released on March 4 after most of the kidnappers' demands are met ...

The Afghan-style coat the woman was wearing at the time of her death in Baldock..

The image was seen by a family in Stotfold, Bedfordshire, who thought she could be a young woman who had stayed with them for a few months during the mid 1970s to study English..Her name, though the spelling is uncertain, was Odile Ludic..The cold case unit focused in on Ms Ludic and found that she drank locally in Stotfold and had worked for a local company..They also learned she was most likely from northern Paris.. But then the trail went cold..A man believed to have been her former boyfriend is now dead.."So far it (the suggested name) hasn't really taken us anywhere," admits Mick Flavin, from the force's cold case unit...

Baldock was founded by the Knights Templar (also the name of the town's secondary school) as a medieval market town in the 1140s..It was laid out by the Knights Templar on land in the manor of Weston in the hundred of Broadwater, granted by the earl of Pembroke, Gilbert de Clare, before his death in 1148..It is a triangular parcel of land beside the old Roman Road cut out from an older estate..The main theory of the origin of the name Baldock is as a derivation from the Old French name for Baghdad: Baldac or later Baudac, which the Templars had been thwarted from conquering during the Crusades.. Although the Templars' connections to Baghdad were "tenuous", it was widely regarded as the most prosperous market in the world and the Templars perhaps hoped that the name would confer a similar prosperity on their own market town in England.. Founding contemporaneous documents use the spelling Baudac. This place is first recorded as "Baldac" in the Pipe Rolls of Hertfordshire in 1168..It is possible the Knights Templar used a name already in use, especially since the location was already a crossroads..A medieval leper colony, on Royston Road, was located during excavations in 2003...

"But we do still hope to solve this case"..Some pillboxes have been converted to make roosts for bats..The chess game on which the title of the Movie was based was a real game...'s nothing like having a mother and a daughter..Gives you sort of a kind of perspective..He must have regretted it every day of his life..I know I would have and I wasn't even born yet...

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