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But, yes, Black would have witheheld information because it gave him power and an illusion of being in control.

He was questioned several times by officers and psychologists on the disappearances of Genette Tate who was last seen in August 1978 and April Fabb who went missing in 1969.

A huge gap between the dates that just shows how long he was at large for.

He was convicted of the kidnap and murder of four girls that occurred between 1981 and 1986 and was arrested in 1990 - a ten year span of attacks that in itself suggests that there were more victims - their bodies dumped in deep waters to conceal his crimes for years, and even decades.

He would see the questioning of other unsolved crimes in the same ilk as those he'd been convicted of as a bargaining tool, the withholding of information as something that kept him in control and power - that in itself is what paedophilia is all about, the need to be in control and in power.

Like Brady, who has still not admitted to the killing of Keith Bennett, whose mum Winnie went to her grave not knowing where her boy was buried, not able to give closure - rotting in hell is too good a punishment for the bastards who comitt these crimes and leave the families suffering for a lifetime.
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