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Originally Posted by serenityameara View Post
Hope he rots in hell.
How awful for the families of his many victims to never the truth about what happened to their loved ones. They reckon he killed a lot more children.. It leaves me feeling so upset and so sad for them all.
I think you are voicing the opinions of a lot of people.

Black felt that he had a 'power' over the system by withholding information on Genette Tate... He even spoke candidly in interviews about how she would have been abducted, suggesting he knew just enough information to have had something to do with her disappearance and murder.

After killing 2 of his victims Black dumped their bodies in water - Sarah Harper was found in the river Trent in Nottingham and Jennifer Carday's body was found in McKee's Dam in County Durham, so it is likely that Genette's body was hidden in water also.

He was arrested in Stow, Scotland in July 1990, after snatching a little girl and bundling her into the back of his van - a pensioner who witnessed the attack called the police who recognised the van and stopped him as he drove back through the town where he had kidnapped the little girl.

Shockingly I seem to recall that the police officer who stopped the van was actually the little girls father - Black had already sexually assaulted her by the time his van was stopped. And fair credit to the police officer, because Black was subsequently arrested and made it to trial - I don't think I would have been responsible for my actions if I were in the police man's shoes - but because of his arrest, the police were able to question him and link him (via his van, and fuel receipts) to the other three murders.
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