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Duncan O'Finioan's life essentially ended at age six when his parents handed him over to the CIA for mind control experiments. Project Talent took children and manipulated them into serving their goals. Today, only a few hundred remain alive and most will not or cannot tell their stories.

Recently the CIA released the Family Jewels documents and nearly hidden on page 425 is the paragraph outlining "potentially embarrassing Agency activities". These activities included administering mind or personality altering drugs to unwitting subjects as young as four. Sensory deprivation, electroshock, hypnosis, and drugs were used to to create multiple personalities that could perform specific tasks. Historians have learned that creating a "" - style subject was undoubtedly a goal of MKULTRA and related CIA projects. Duncan is essentially, the original Jason Bourne.

Duncan claims to have lived through all this plus Black Ops, assassinations, endless days of being tortured and beaten, and lost periods of time.

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