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Originally Posted by arleen3 View Post

I happened to have found Duncan O'finionans youtube account through another friend. It was him and sent each other few emails. In August he sent us his last email with this message:
August 18, 2008, 08:31 PM
With one word from me, that word either being, ya, or nay, a thousand of my kind will either fight for, or against, the human race.
Now, my decision has not yet ... Read Morebeen made.
However, with the way me and my kind are being treated, it does NOT look good for the humans.

Duncan O'Finioan

After that I could not contact him anymore since he had closed his account.
Is that a threat? He and his "kind" are going to revolt against humans, like they aren't human themselves?

Hmm. Don't know what to make of that one.

I will go and read the forum Q&A to see if there is an explanation for that outburst. Years ago, after reading about Duncan, the one thing that REALLY bothered me is that supposedly his handler had to use sexual methods to get him to remember things. At the time they were open about this aspect, but I see now it isn't discussed as much.

After reading the details of how they used sexual stimulation to release his and others memories, it all seemed like a sick manipulative process. Anyhoo, I will check it out - thanks.
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