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Originally Posted by antipodean View Post
In the video she says she was abused by ex Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam & members of his cabinet.
She was born in 1969, Whitlam was voted out in 1975 so she would have been under 6.
I don’t think that what Fiona Barnett said is bullshit, I’m not sure if this IS Fiona Barnett though (in the Sgt report video of last month).
She has said before that she was sexually abused by Australian PM Gough Whitlam. I don’t think (but can’t really remember) she said he was still PM at that time:

In the following interview Fiona tells that Gough Whitlam was “just” a paedophile (as opposed to the Satanists who also murdered children and drank their blood) - I've embedded it because otherwise you need to log in at Youtube to hear it.

What made me believe Fiona Barnett is the 2-part documentary where she goes to the sites where the abuse took place and describes what happens. To me this was (is) completely believable and I don’t think she could fake this.

Part 1 of the documentary “Candy Girl”:

Part 2 of “Candy Girl”:
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