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Originally Posted by yankee451 View Post
You couldn't care less whether there were planes or not?

Obviously you think there were planes, else you wouldn't care a wit about the alleged war games.

There can be only one right answer, and it certainly doesn't include Tesla, DEW or planes.

That`s right, I don`t care because it`s just another diversion inserted into the truth movement to make sure nothing ever comes of it. Like I said it changes absolutely nothing whether there were planes or not, and your failure to realize this is why you`re effectively a saboteur.
What I`m talking about is a real way to get justice by probing the mechanisms of the execution of 9/11, where there are presumably real people responsible for arranging the drills and therefore the 9/11 attack itself.
This could change things by bringing some criminals to justice, or it could have if people hadn`t been running around hogging the conversation with no planes/planes, "directed energy weapons", Tesla tornadoes and dancing Israelis.
Anticipating that this simple logic will once again be too much for a zealot of the no plane school of cognitive infiltration, let me ask you this: what is the value of obsessing over the issue of no planes? What changes if it can be 100% proven? Will different people be guilty of 9/11 or the same ones?

The answers are obvious and failing to acknowledge this only exposes you.
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