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Default The Drills Were Part of the Propaganda Barrage

Originally Posted by skulb View Post
Okay, I'll bite. The drills were a sideshow.

What did they accomplish?
  • The drills reinforce the notion that the most of the military was kept in the dark, implying that this was not an operation run from the top-down but a "rogue" element because had our brave military not been purposefully distracted, they could have stopped it.
  • The more important accomplishment was to reinforce the "Plane" meme, else without planes to intercept, why would the drills even be important?
  • The so-called "alternative" media gained credibility with the opposition by reporting the drills and Cheney's suspicious behavior, thereby reinforcing the left/right dynamic, otherwise known as "divide and conquer".
  • The drills gave the controlled truth movement something to crow about, wasting over a decade focusing on a non-issue.

These accomplishments were from the top of my dome, but I'm sure there were more.

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