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Originally Posted by tnt1 View Post
Here is what biblical scholar Mauro Biglino has to say about it. ''After the Adam and the Eve did a certain thing the Elohim is doing nothing else but making a statement of fact, he is not sentencing them. He says: "You made a choice" Now I want you to know that because of this choice that I do not agree with, while the 'serpent' that we spoke of earlier, another person wanted that choice to be made. Or better he intervened to make it easier. One of the Watchers. He intervened while the other one that didn't want this decision says: "You made your choice get out of here!

But you should know that outside of here you will experience both positive and negative sides of that choice. So this is not a condemnation. It is what is called a post eventum virdict meaning you made your own bed now lie in it. In Italian, you wanted the bicycle now pedal. Pedaling is not a condemation it is directly correlated. One cannot get on a bicycle and not pedal. So to say you are on the bike pedal is not a sentence but a statement of fact nothing more.

Then He (Elohim) explains that to Eve regarding procreation you have for reproduction gotten independent from us with this choice. Before your choice you were my business and after now you are not. You are independent. With that choice when you wish to eat you feed yourself. You are independent. You are self sufficient. So out of the protected area they go and only those approved of to stay may stay. You go out on your own bye bye, you will understand. He is sure to tell Eve child labor will hurt. He explains tho, you will understand, not sentencing you.

Ya Da the Jewish verb. Meaning you'll have knowledge of the fact that this choice brings both positive and negative consequences. "TO WA RA" will thus get to know both the good and bad of this situation. Amos has gone even further. He explained that the term RA was used to describe evil or bad. But it has and had nothing to do with the idea of evil or bad in ethics. Instead it refers to attention the 'physiopathology of the human body so Elohim is saying once outside this protected area where we were keeping you, well out here beyond this protected area you will find that you can feel bad.

So we are here not by some guilt, not some sentence but because one of our ancestors got on a bicycle. Now we too must pedal. We have to think about that because this changes the whole story. ''
So you would agree with the Jewish view of man's elevation in Eden and not our fall the way the Christians view it. Good. That is the intelligent view.

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