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Originally Posted by vancity eagle View Post
Hillary connections to Byrd and her admiration of Margaret Sanger are definitely suspicious and should keep blacks far away. I don't know why blacks are so brainwashed into supporting the Clinton machine, especially after Bills horrible policies which were terrible for the black community. I don't know whether the Sanger thing is racism or just that she is a brainwashed feminist because lots of those types love Sanger. I would lean more to feminism. Also I think Bills terrible policies were mandated to him by conservative think tanks, so I don't think it's necessarily rooted to any of his ideological beliefs, but rather they are just selfish opportunists who are playing along with the whole game.

But to suggest that racists as a whole are backing Hillary is completely disingenuous. That was one KKK leader from California. The vast majority of the KKK back Trump. As does David Duke, as does the racist Council for conservative Citizens, as does Don Black the founder of StormFront. StormFront had to upgrade their bandwidth to deal with the mass increase of traffic admittedly because of Trumps emergence. American Free Press the successor to Willis Cartos Liberty Lobby also backs Trump. That's another outfit with white supremacist neo nazi ties and which worked with British Eugenecist Roger Pearson.

I think you forget that admittedly it has been a Republican strategy to court the southern racist vote. That demographic has been entirely Republican since Nixons southern strategy. Council for National Policy member Pat Buchanan who has made a career of playing into white fears has called Trump "the great white hope". I think you see where I'm going with this.
the whole planned parenthood thing ties into the conspiracy along the lines of eugenics

The father of Bill gates was head of planned parenthood and now bill carries on his work globally with his vaccine programme that is aimed at undermining the immune systems of children the world over

Gates also funds geoengineering projects through MONSANTO which bill owns shares in

Africa has been ear-marked under agenda 21 to be the bread basket of the NWO which means that its lands need to be cleared of the inhabitants

AFRICOM is engaged in a struggle over control of africa

Billionaires privy to the conspiracy are already buying up large chunks of land in africa
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act
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