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Default My stalker appears.....

Originally Posted by ianw View Post
They will argue the toss eternally if you say that the shadows are almost OK
1. Who is "they"?
2. What qualification does the claimant have for saying they aren't ok!?
3. What analysis has been made of the terrain?
4. There is nothing on Earth capable of lighting such a massive area of land and only casting one shadow.

The faithful claim the dark stark shadows are some kind of proof that 'we went moon'
A lie. They claim it proves one light source and their normal shape proves it was the Sun. The pitch black sky, terrain, effects of gravity etc. prove beyond any doubt that it was on the Moon.

Is there a scientific reason that low bandwidth and ghosting would make them disappear.
They don't disappear

Half expecting some joker to point out ghosts cast no shadow.
You blind? The shadow is cast directly to his right.

A more obvious question is....if somebody is truly clueless enough to claim no shadow is being cast, how the crap did they do that and why would they!?
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