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Originally Posted by st jimmy View Post
I have the impression that we agree that it would be impossible to descend to the moon, because it’s impossible to slow down enough for a soft landing.

I’ve been thinking about the theoretical possibility of an engine that ignites in vacuum. The first problem I think of is lack of oxygen.
Even if it would be possible to build it in a way to supply the oxygen, I doubt if this could ever do anything besides make the temperature very hot.
The engine would have to be in front of the direction of the rocket (instead of behind it, to make slowing down possible). The rocket would become very, very hot as a result…

The Lunar Module would need huge tanks just to carry the oxygen alone which would increase the mass of the module with additional problems as a result.
I don’t know how much oxygen they would need, but this could very well be the size of the Empire State Building. Do you see the huge tanks on the Lunar Module?
No it is not impossible. Like I tried to explain, when there is no atmosphere you can turn the craft around and thrust upwards to control the speed of the descent. It's a little fiddly and easy to make mistakes, but it is not impossible. Don't know where you got that idea from. Parachutes are not the only way to land space craft. This is Newton's Third Law you're basically declaring impossible here. It isn't.

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