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Originally Posted by truegroup View Post
Listen pal, I don't give a shit what pathetic rubbish you do or don't believe.

You don't understand Newton's Law, rocket engines, planetary rotation, orbital manoeuvres and talk the talk of a flatnut. Yet you claim to have a high IQ. Bollocks.
Neither do you! You stand on air! You know nothing about the science of pharmacology whcih was the hardest class I ever took not physics! You take it and pass and then get back to me after one semester! We'll talk about intelligence then smart guy! In the mean time I am smart enough to know the following.

I may not spell like a genius, and I may not know as much about some laws that are not really laws but theories and anyone can tell you something but you don't have to believe it when it's a theory! What you have to do is be honest with yourself about what you are stating. It is not a law but a theory of a law that at anytime could change, even tomorrow in most cases as soon as someone others can believe in states it! You can't be that someone obviously but it was a gallant effort. If you were honest you would not promote it like others as fact, when so many others smarter than both of us have that have left the science because when something is wrong it's wrong and they can't continue being forced to study what isn't adding up! Try as you might to make it right it's no different at that point than faith based religion which is why one of my theoretical physicist friends bought a subway franchise rather than be forced by the university to search for a dead end.
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